Sun Salutation (Part 2) – Solar Powering

The Sun Salutation involves two distinct parts: 1) Sun Bowing – a beautiful flow into and out of forward folds and 2) Solar Powering – a series of movements linking downward dog, plank poses and descending planks. This phase produces heat or tapas in the body. So, let’s discuss Part 2…. From forward fold, stepContinue reading “Sun Salutation (Part 2) – Solar Powering”

Saluting the Sun

The sun salutation is a joyful calisthenic in a vinyasa flow class. It involves two parts: Sun Bowing and Solar Powering. Sun bowing involves sweeping the arms to the sides and overhead and then swan diving into a forward fold. This is a way of honoring the warmth and light we receive each day. OnceContinue reading “Saluting the Sun”

Offering Thanks – At the End of Yoga Class

The Hindi salutation “Namaste,” is a friendly greeting and a great way to start a yoga class. Participants can even say namaste to one another as a form of unification. One of my first introductions to the word namaste was from an instructor at my local gym. She defined namaste as, “the divine light inContinue reading “Offering Thanks – At the End of Yoga Class”